There are 2 rounds in the TJHSST admission process:  semi final & final round. 

Semifinalist Pool Determination
1. Based on a sliding scale of the grade point
     average & test scores
2. GPA: 7th grade and 1st quarter
     8th grade marks (core subjects)
3. TJ Test

Final Round
1. Essay 
2. Student Information Sheet
3. Teacher Recommendations (Average of 2)
4. Math & Verbal portions of the Admissions Test
5. 7th and 8th grade Math and Science Grade Point Average

What we offer aspiring TJHSST students:
- Math classes
- Writing classes
- Verbal classes
- Assessment tests
- Semifinalist Workshops
- Student Information Sheet & Teacher Recommendation Workshops

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Our success rate ranges for past years. 

  • 2019 class: 32 out of 35 were offered final admissions.
  • 2018 class: 35 out of 39 were offered final admissions.
  • 2017 class:  29 students out of 28 became semifinalists. Also, 25 out of 28 semifinalists were offered final admissions.
Our TJ Test Prep Success Rate

Gifted Students Learn Differently!

"We modify our instruction based on the assessment data of each child."

Why are we unique?
  • Differentiated and individualized instruction
  • Research-based strategies based on student's learning styles
  • Experienced and highly qualified teachers
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What does the TJ entrance test demand?
How to prepare for TJ?
What needs to be developed other than the academic skills? 
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How do we prepare students?
Why is our approach effective?

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A former YSC student was one of the nation's top SAT math middle school scorers