TJ Comprehensive Class

-Featuring the New Set of TJ Tests: Math, Science & Reading
-Taught by licensed teachers that specializes in Math, Science & Reading

Test-Taking Strategies: research-based strategies on teaching designed for gifted students
Realistic Practice: Get a feel of how the real test would look like in a simulated testing environment on a content developed by our own team of licensed teachers.
Progress Monitored: Track your progress though quizzes, timed practice tests and 4 full-length practice tests
Individualized: Tailored to your score goals, strengths and needs
Unmatched expertise: Learn from the best licensed teachers specializing in Math, Reading & Science
Additional Resources: Counseling on the TJ Final Round. We have developed a support system that helped our successful applicants in the past to get into the final round! 

Visit our new site - www.ApiaScholars.com/TJHSST

TJ Score Booster Classes

1. Full-Length Timed Tests with Discussion
2. Subject Prep

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Summer Camps for the New TJHSST Tests: Math, Science & Reading​

Our success rate ranges for past years. 

  • 2019 class: 32 out of 35 were offered final admissions.
  • 2018 class: 35 out of 39 were offered final admissions.
  • 2017 class:  29 students out of 28 became semifinalists. Also, 25 out of 28 semifinalists were offered final admissions.
Our TJ Test Prep Success Rate

Gifted Students Learn Differently!

"We modify our instruction based on the assessment data of each child."

Why are we unique?
  • Differentiated and individualized instruction
  • Research-based strategies based on student's learning styles
  • Experienced and highly qualified teachers
What does the TJ entrance test demand?
How to prepare for TJ?
What needs to be developed other than the academic skills? 
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How do we prepare students?
Why is our approach effective?

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A former YSC student was one of the nation's top SAT math middle school scorers
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"Poor test preparation and lack of test-wiseness results in test scores that do not accurately reflect the students' knowledge and aptitude." (Scruggs and Mastroprierri, 2000)

  • Overview of the new sets of tests: Reading, Science & Math
  • Common characteristics of successful students getting into the TJ Final Round.
  • Observations on the STEM extra curricular activities
  • Possible ways we can help

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